Careers at KACARE

Since its establishment in 2010, King Abdullah City for Atomic and Renewable Energy (K●A●CARE) has been developing a national strategy for the Kingdom’s integrated sustainable Atomic and Renewable Energy ecosystem, which will become one of the most ambitious sustainable energy programs in the world, both in terms of its localization approach and targeted scale. A program that will satisfy 50% of the Kingdom’s electricity and desalinated water demand using alternative energy resources by 2032.

To realize this ambitious vision in a sustainable fashion that provides maximum economic, social, and environmental benefits, a local and competitive industry needs to be developed using world-class national human capital of high scientific and technical standards, in both engineering and administrative fields. The sustainable energy sector in the Kingdom will contribute to the development of high-value national job opportunities, requiring various skills and expertise, as well as the passion to contribute to the national sustainable development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. K●A●CARE will be the nucleus of a new and promising industry in the Kingdom and will lead its manufacturers, developers and investors in creating tens of thousands of job opportunities.

We are pleased to receive your electronic job application, and we invite you to utilize the portal’s resume-development, and attachment tools, as well as to monitor the progress of your job application. K●A●CARE is committed to the privacy of its applicants and would not share their information with any unauthorized parties.